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Board Sponsorship

Alcester Town F.C. has joined up with a local sign company to produce standard sized hoarding that will be positioned around the adult pitch perimeter.

Each panel will be 8ft x 3ft and constructed from aluminium sandwich laminate which is both hard wearing and waterproof.

Board Sponsor
Board Sponsor
Board Sponsor

These panels will be covered by printed media to give a stunning, high impact advertisement in full view of spectators and of all in attendance at our Stratford Road ground, who come to watch our 1st team as they progress through the football pyramid, from the prestigious Midland Football League .

Each 8ft x 3ft board will run for a 12 month period, price of which for the 1st year including artwork &manufacture will be £250, then for further years £150.

Anyone who is interested in supporting one of the largest youth organisations in Warwickshire, please contact any of the below club representatives.

  • Chairman: Steve McAdam - 07392 846290

  • Fundraising Officer: Gary Williams - 07766 664289

  • Finance Director: Ian Chester - 07781 508522

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